Free POS System – Not Really?


Free POS System - Really?


Free POS System - No Purchases - No Leases - No Payments

Free Hardware - Free Software - Free Programming - Lifetime Warranty

Does that sound too good to be true? Marketing is one thing but misleading advertising is the worst kind of marketing. We all know there is no Free Lunch and hard to believe but there is no Free POS System either! This is not an offer for a Free POS System, this is an offer for a no money down POS System. Big Difference, Don't You Think? Would a Free POS System include Monthly Support Payments, Quarterly Support Payments, a Delivery Fee, a Five Year Contract, a Cancellation Fee and an Unconditional Personal Guarantee? Those terms don't sound like something Free! One more little thing, the Free POS System people process your credit cards on an exclusive basis for five years.

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Restaurant Gift Cards Sell Everyday

GiftCardImageRestaurant Gift Cards Sell Everyday, Not Just the Holidays!

  Most restaurants sell gift cards for the holidays, but why not sell them everyday? If you think gift cards only sell during the holidays you are missing a big opportunity everyday! A gift card program builds your brand, increases revenue, reduces cash refunds and welcomes new customers. Plastic gift cards are durable, reloadable and advertise your restaurant.

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