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    Grubhub – Restaurant App for Mobile Ordering

    There are dozens of Mobile Ordering Apps out there but the one I can stay consistently loyal to is Grubhub. No matter if I’m living in a restaurant mecca like Miami or visiting the small town I grew up in, Grubhub delivers.

    Grubhub makes it easy, maybe too easy to not leave the house or even pick up the phone. You can either go on the Grubhub website on your computer or download the App. You just have to type in the address of where you want the food to be delivered and right away are directed to your options.

    Once your address is in, you can make the big decision of whether you want a Delivery or a Pick Up (if you’re feeling energized) order. You can scroll through each restaurant located in your area and view the menu straight from the comfort of your couch. Hungry for Italian or perhaps Mediterranean at a lower price, but can’t decide? You can refine the search to fit your foodie needs and filter by what you’re craving at the moment under “Cuisines.” You can sort by ratings, when you want your order, the price and distance.

    While scrolling through the restaurants, there is a summary of the type of food, how much you need to spend as a minimum, how many miles away the restaurant is located and how long to expect your wait time to be. The restaurants are also rated and given $ signs for how expensive the prices are. My personal favorites are in the Restaurant Reviews.

    After viewing the menu and deciding on your meal, you select by clicking “Add to Bag.” When you’re ready to check out, the restaurant will have you either pay online or in person once your food is delivered. After processing your food request, you will also be given the option of giving a tip online so you don’t even have to worry about having cash with you once your food has arrived. Another bonus is how you can give “Order Instructions” such as to “Call when my food is outside” , or “33777# is the gate code”.

    Once your order is processed, Grubhub provides you with a screen where you can watch the process of your order. You’ll be able to track when your order is received, when your order is sent out and when your order is on the way or ready to be picked up. They will even give you a time estimate of when your order is ready.

    Are you hungry yet? Time to order some Grub!




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