Credit Card Fraud Liability Shifts 10-1-15

Credit Card Fraud Liability

Shifts to the Merchant on October 1, 2015

If the Merchant Can't Process EMV Cards

Time is Running Out for EMV Compliance What are EMV cards?

What does all this mean?

Why should a merchant care?

What do merchants need to do?

What are EMV Cards? EMV is short for Europay MasterCard Visa and describes an electronic chip that is embedded on the front of credit cards. The specifications for these chips were first published in 1996 and have been the standard for authenticating credit and debit card transactions for many years throughout the world, except in the United States.

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Restaurant POS an Investment that Pays for Itself

Restaurant POS All in One TerminalRestaurant POS an Investment

that Pays for Itself

The correct Restaurant POS system, properly installed and programmed will quickly pay for itself and then keep on paying! We calculate this return of and return on your investment based on several ongoing factors which we will explain. Our ROI does not include the value of faster customer service, management reporting benefits or the peace of mind that a restaurant POS provides.

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Digital Restaurant Loyalty

Loyalty Punch Card ImageDigital Restaurant Loyalty

Why Loyalty Programs Matter

Why Digital Loyalty is a Must


Why Loyalty Programs Matter

The punch card loyalty concept still works and has for years! Restaurant Loyalty has always been the foundation of restaurant marketing programs. Restaurant Loyalty Programs build brand loyalty and drive repeat business, currently 30% of all restaurants offer some form of loyalty program. According to the National Restaurant Association, 56% of family restaurants and 69% of fine dining restaurants utilize a loyalty program.

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Restaurant Online and Order Ahead Solutions Differ Greatly LinkRestaurant Online and Order Ahead

Solutions Differ Greatly

Customers love restaurant online and order ahead solutions for many reasons! They don't have to wait for someone to answer the phone or spend time on hold waiting for someone to take their order, they are able to place their order when they want and confirm that the order is entered exactly they way they want it and they can pay for their order online so there is no hassle when their delivery arrives or they can just walk in and pick-up their order without dealing with a cashier. Customers can quickly reorder items previously ordered and they can order from either their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC and in many cases from Facebook, pretty easy to see why customers love restaurant online and order ahead solutions!

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The Restaurant Zone

The Restaurant Zone Logo


You and the Zone!

The Restaurant Zone is a must for busy restaurateurs and industry professionals! The Restaurant Zone is an online scam-free and spam-free platform for restaurant related classified advertising and restaurant jobs. It is the only website providing dedicated cost effective restaurant classified advertising and access to a restaurant jobs board with an affordable price for employers and free for job seekers.


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Harbortouch POS Announcements

Harbortouch Echo Tablet POS System LinkHarbortouch POS Announcements

Include the Echo "Tablet Killer" POS

and Elite II Traditional POS Terminal

  Harbortouch the no upfront fee provider of POS systems for retailers and restaurants made several hardware, software and policy announcements today. Let's take a look at the new Echo "Tablet Killer" POS solution first. Instead of using a consumer grade Apple or Android tablet, Harbortouch has unveiled a sleek, built-for-purpose POS terminal. The Echo terminal includes a large 13.3" screen and powered USB ports to take advantage of traditional POS receipt printers, bar code scanners, keyboards, cash drawers and a customer facing rear display.

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Restaurant Software List

Restaurant Software Directory List

Restaurant Software List


Craig has a list, Angie has a list and now restaurants have their list. The Restaurant List is the ultimate technology directory for restaurants!


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Restaurant Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Social-Media-MarketingRestaurant Social Media

and Mobile Marketing

  Restaurant Social Media and Mobile Marketing must be your restaurant's marketing focus starting today. Social Media and Mobile Marketing is where and how new customers and guests find you. The days of looking for a restaurant in the Yellow Pages or calling the 411 operator are long gone! 95% of consumers are turning to the Internet to find local businesses and most of these consumers are searching from their smartphone. New restaurant customers searching the Internet are looking for the following information regarding restaurants:

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Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems

Table Top Ordering System Link

Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems A Casual Dining Must Have!

  Restaurants are undergoing a tech-based makeover with hungry customers using tablets and smartphones to get involved with all phases of their dining experience. Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems are a big part of the casual dining restaurant industry makeover and mobile revolution. And this is a makeover, after their initial test of 5,000 tabletop tablets, Applebee's is installing 95,000 more units! Chili's has ordered 45,000 units and Buffalo Wild Wings is installing units in all their stores. This is not a fad!

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Restaurant Employee Scheduling plus a Virtual Assistant

Schedule101-imageRestaurant Employee Scheduling

plus a Virtual Assistant

  Restaurant scheduling is a time consuming job that involves a number of employee related functions. The Restaurant Employee Scheduling plus a Virtual Assistant solution combines all these functions into one simple application. If you are still scheduling with paper or are using an Excel spreadsheet, this article is for you! Let me explain what a Restaurant Workforce Management System can do for you. Yes this applies to all restaurants and No it is not expensive! Lets talk about employee scheduling and why you should be using an automated system. Under-staffing costs Restaurants 5 to 6% of revenues according to an in-depth study by the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School. Over-staffing according to the same study decreases profitability by about 2%. Lets agree that both over and under scheduling are not good!

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