Every Restaurant Needs EMV

EMV Credit Card ImageEvery Restaurant Needs EMV to Protect Against Customer Fraud

If you have upgraded to a working EMV reader and are dipping EMV eligible cards then this Every Restaurant Needs EMV to Protect Against Customer Fraud post is not for YOU! If you think your restaurant or bar is too small to get hacked, statistically the odds are in your favor that you probably will not be hacked, but that does not protect you from EMV customer fraud! If you think you are safe from Credit Card Fraud because you don't have a POS system, you are WRONG! If you have not upgraded your credit card terminal or POS system to process EMV cards than this is for YOU!

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BEFORE You Shop for a Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS Read Me BEFORE You Shop Image

BEFORE You Shop for a Restaurant POS

"Before You Shop for a Restaurant POS" will save you time, money and aggravation! The restaurant POS system is a critical investment for your restaurant. It is important that you understand "How Restaurant POS Systems are Sold" so you can make an informed purchase decision and maximize the return on your POS investment. Before You Shop for a Restaurant POS will give you the details on how the Restaurant POS industry operates and teach you the questions to ask so you can make the right decision for your business.

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Restaurant Network Management Solution


Restaurant Network

Management Solutions


Is your POS Network Secure and PCI Compliant?

Are Credit Card transactions separate from Wi-Fi traffic?

Who is Monitoring and Maintaining Your Network?

Has your Network Hub turned into a Rat's Nest?

What Happens when your Internet Connection Fails?


Need a Solution so you can be a restaurateur instead of IT guru?

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Restaurant Resource Guide

Restaurant Resource Guide Link

Restaurant Resource Guide Recommendations

The RIGHT Products and Services

For All Your Restaurant Needs

  The Restaurant Resource Guide connects restaurateurs with recommended business partners eager to help the restaurant succeed. The Internet is full of information, but the Restaurant Resource Guide provides preferred solutions you can trust. These established partners are experienced suppliers with proven track records providing special online offers and exclusive discounts for both start-up and established businesses.

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Free POS System – Not Really?


Free POS System - Really?


Free POS System - No Purchases - No Leases - No Payments

Free Hardware - Free Software - Free Programming - Lifetime Warranty

Does that sound too good to be true? Marketing is one thing but misleading advertising is the worst kind of marketing. We all know there is no Free Lunch and hard to believe but there is no Free POS System either! This is not an offer for a Free POS System, this is an offer for a no money down POS System. Big Difference, Don't You Think? Would a Free POS System include Monthly Support Payments, Quarterly Support Payments, a Delivery Fee, a Five Year Contract, a Cancellation Fee and an Unconditional Personal Guarantee? Those terms don't sound like something Free! One more little thing, the Free POS System people process your credit cards on an exclusive basis for five years.

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Free Credit Card Provider Directory Listing

Local Credit Card Provider Directory

Experienced Representatives Only - Join Free Credit Card Directory Today!

Prospects are looking for help finding local credit card experts with experience and expertise, get complete details regarding the free Credit Card Provider Directory and learn what the directory can do for you! Your free listing includes:

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POS System Financing Options

POS Financing

POS System Financing Options

  Of course the least expensive POS Financing Option is CASH, but for those looking for alternatives, we have several financing options and a lot of information for you!   Probably one of the most popular POS System Financing Options is leasing. Leasing is quick and easy. Leasing usually requires a one page application with approval in 24 to 36 hours. There are many leasing companies that will provide funding based on a 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 month term with just the first payment in advance. As the term increases so do the credit requirements. For a new restaurant most leasing companies require a personal guarantee from a corporate officer with a strong credit rating. Leasing companies are not interested in recovering the collateral, they want their payments, so good credit is a must. Most POS system leasing is handled by a third party, an independent leasing company, and not by the company providing your POS system.

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Who is Paying the Credit Card Fee on Your Charged Tips?

POS Tip Fee Charge Back Option

Who is Paying the Credit Card Fee on Your Charged Tips?

Table service restaurants as an industry, average 80% of their sales paid by credit card while many fine dining establishments are close to 100%. This high volume of credit card transactions also creates a problem for restaurateurs [...]

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