Top Selection of 25 hospitality, restaurant, QSR, food truck and bar case studies

Top Selection of 25 hospitality, restaurant, QSR, food truck and bar point-of-sale case studies
Figuring out what type of point-of-sale system to buy for your food business is a process that requires time and study. We suggest skimming through this selection of twenty-five POS case studies to see what businesses similar to yours have learned – […]

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5 Key Factors Impacting EMV Migration

EMV technology has continued being introduced in the United States as a way to help prevent card-present fraud and to give consumers even more convenient and secure ways to pay for their goods and services. It is extremely important to develop an understanding of EMV and the potential impact that it may have on your […]

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Customer loyalty systems for restaurants are indispensable.

Creating a customer loyalty program is an excellent way for restaurants to keep their satisfied customers returning for future business. A customer rewards program is an asset for any restaurant, but how do you make the most of it? You need to determine how the program will best benefit the customer and your business, while […]

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Waterproof Receipt Printers: Worth the Investment for POS

Waterproof Receipt Printers: Worth The Investment For POS
Several POS printer companies have now introduced waterproof printers for receipts; the best thing to happen to kitchens since the convection oven. While these hospitality printers have an obvious place in the kitchen, they are also winners in many different industries as standard POS printers, such as pharmacies, outdoor […]

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Big Data Does Your Restaurant Need It?

DRE Big_Data_Picture

"Big Data" Does Your Restaurant Need It?

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.”

W. Edwards Deming, Data Scientist


Big Data, promises to revolutionize the way businesses sell products and services, understand customers and optimize marketing campaigns. How do restaurants utilize this Big Data and why should they?

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Millennials Marketing Tip

Millennials ImageMillennials Marketing Tip

Millennials are Using Re-loadable Debit Cards

as a Budgeting Tool!

Encourage Millennials to Use Your Prepaid Re-loadable Gift Card Like a Debit Card and Increase Your Profits! A TD Bank Survey published in April shows Millennials are using re-loadable debit cards as a budgeting tool. This is the generation facing mountains of student loan debt and double-digit unemployment.

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Restaurant POS an Investment that Pays for Itself

Restaurant POS All in One TerminalRestaurant POS an Investment

that Pays for Itself

The correct Restaurant POS system, properly installed and programmed will quickly pay for itself and then keep on paying! We calculate this return of and return on your investment based on several ongoing factors which we will explain. Our ROI does not include the value of faster customer service, management reporting benefits or the peace of mind that a restaurant POS provides.

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Digital Restaurant Loyalty

Loyalty Punch Card ImageDigital Restaurant Loyalty

Why Loyalty Programs Matter

Why Digital Loyalty is a Must


Why Loyalty Programs Matter

The punch card loyalty concept still works and has for years! Restaurant Loyalty has always been the foundation of restaurant marketing programs. Restaurant Loyalty Programs build brand loyalty and drive repeat business, currently 30% of all restaurants offer some form of loyalty program. According to the National Restaurant Association, 56% of family restaurants and 69% of fine dining restaurants utilize a loyalty program.

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Restaurant Online and Order Ahead Solutions Differ Greatly LinkRestaurant Online and Order Ahead

Solutions Differ Greatly

Customers love restaurant online and order ahead solutions for many reasons! They don't have to wait for someone to answer the phone or spend time on hold waiting for someone to take their order, they are able to place their order when they want and confirm that the order is entered exactly they way they want it and they can pay for their order online so there is no hassle when their delivery arrives or they can just walk in and pick-up their order without dealing with a cashier. Customers can quickly reorder items previously ordered and they can order from either their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC and in many cases from Facebook, pretty easy to see why customers love restaurant online and order ahead solutions!

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Restaurant Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Social-Media-MarketingRestaurant Social Media

and Mobile Marketing

  Restaurant Social Media and Mobile Marketing must be your restaurant's marketing focus starting today. Social Media and Mobile Marketing is where and how new customers and guests find you. The days of looking for a restaurant in the Yellow Pages or calling the 411 operator are long gone! 95% of consumers are turning to the Internet to find local businesses and most of these consumers are searching from their smartphone. New restaurant customers searching the Internet are looking for the following information regarding restaurants:

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