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The local POS and Credit Card Provider Directories act as a connection between businesses searching for qualified, professional representatives in their area and representatives looking for new clients. Doctors, dentists and lawyers have been using these directories for years, now local POS and Credit Card providers can be located via the Internet.

Without the directories there is no easy way for local POS and Credit Card representatives to be found online. Representatives come up with leads themselves by cold calling and networking, or wait for a lead from their corporate office. Generating a significant amount of leads that turn into customers is a daunting challenge, doing it without the Internet makes it even harder.

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As for business owners, they typically rely on friends or associates for POS provider and Credit Card processor referrals. Not always the best approach for finding these important and long term resources. More importantly, there is no way for a buyer to immediately find a local POS or Credit Card representative, with 85% of consumers searching online for local business solutions and with 63% of mobile searches triggering an action within one hour, being on the Internet is a must.

“We have put together a forum for prospects to meet prospective representatives and vice versa,” says Bob Frazier, CEO and President of POS Advice and the directories. “Using the directories, local POS and Credit Card providers create a mini-website with their picture, company logo and a detailed profile of their industry experience. Their profile includes customer referrals and client ratings. We’ve created a very visible online forum where representatives are available 24×7.”


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The directories offer POS and Credit Card providers the opportunity to maximize their visibility on a 24×7 basis using 21st century marketing. Representatives are able to reach new clients in their local area in a cost effective manner. They receive immediate alerts connecting instantly with LOCAL prospects. “The real advantage to representatives is in joining a credible online nationwide network that businesses trust,” says Frazier.


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Provider benefits include:

  • Visible online 24/7
  • Connect immediately with prospects
  • Create an individual and personal brand
  • Credibility with local customer ratings and reviews


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From our directories, prospects search and choose providers that match their criteria based on up to date information. The prospect determines who the lead goes to and these leads are not shared or sold to others. The prospect’s contact information is emailed immediately and directly to the selected provider. This lead service bypasses the traditional corporate lead programs that may or may not be forwarded in a timely fashion. POS providers and credit card providers can create their own blog to stay in touch with clients and prospects while increasing their online marketing efforts and building additional credibility.

“This is a win, win situation for both prospects and representatives”, says Frazier. “Our website provides information needed to evaluate providers so the prospect can make an informed selection; while representatives for the first time have a place to establish and market themselves to potential customers online in their local area“. This is a huge advance for representatives who are building their reputation and local business.


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