Harbortouch FREE POS – Not Really?

Harbortouch POS Image

As we all know there is no FREE LUNCH and hard to believe but there is no FREE POS either! FREE Point of Sale is a great headline and marketing gimmick but not a valid offer. What the Harbortouch POS offer includes:

• Point of sale system with zero money down
• Point of sale system with no credit check
• Complete point of sale hardware and software solution
• Menu programming and system configuration
• Onsite point of sale hardware setup
• Onsite and online point of sale training
• Reasonable amount of paper and ribbons
• 3-years of depot hardware warranty
• 3-years of 24×7 800# phone support

What the Harbortouch FREE POS offer doesn’t mention:

• Monthly support at $69 per terminal for 36-months is required
• Quarterly support at $59 per terminal for 3-years is required
• Early POS cancellation fee requires payment of all remaining support fees for the balance of the 3-year term
• 3-year exclusive merchant processing agreement
• Unconditional personal guarantee is required

Want all the facts? Our “Harbortouch Free POS – Not Really?” white paper details who can benefit from this program and who can’t. We’ll provide all the terms and conditions of the Harbortouch Merchant Application and show you the total 3-year cost of several FREE POS system configurations and what you are obligating yourself to. What we can’t show you is what the exclusive, non-cancellable merchant processing agreement will cost you over the 3-year term since costs are dependent on card type presented, your average transaction amount, whether the card is present or not and the processor’s profit margin which is subject to change over time!

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