Step 3-A

Negotiate Your Restaurant POS System


You have defined your restaurant POS system hardware and software requirements and compared your restaurant POS system provider quotes.  Now it’s time to negotiate your restaurant POS system and we mean all aspects of your restaurant POS system terms, conditions, options and warranty with your selected restaurant POS system provider.

If you have not already done so, it is a good idea to calculate your return on this investment. This will assist you with your negotiations.  We have an Excel worksheet that will allow you to enter your information and quickly calculate how long it will take for your restaurant POS system to pay for itself. ROI Calculator

Negotiating your restaurant POS system with a restaurant POS provider means more than just establishing a price. There are many important terms and conditions that need to be considered.  Make sure you are using the three year total cost as any additional charges will be out of your pocket. Here are just a few restaurant POS negotiation points to consider:

  • Total system price – hardware, software, support services, fees and delivery
  • Payment terms – down payment, upon delivery, at go-live and balance
  • Cost of future features, options and interfaces
  • Included programming changes before go-live
  • Cost of programming changes after go-live
  • Length of staff and management training
  • Length of go-live support staff coverage
  • Length of software and hardware warranties
  • Cost of ongoing software and hardware support agreements
  • Warranty and support agreement included hours (24×7 or M-F 9 to 5)

Maybe the final three year price is at rock bottom, per the sales person.  This might be true, but the other points mentioned can and still must be negotiated to your benefit. This is a big investment that you will live with for several years so do your homework and take your time!

Step 3-C

For $99.00 we’ll negotiate the final pricing, terms and conditions on your behalf, with a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with our work. We know the POS provider’s costs and what others are paying for the same restaurant POS system you are buying. We will use our years of restaurant POS system sales experience and expertise to save you time, money and aggravation. Your investment in us will pay for itself many times over!

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