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Free POS Quote

– Connects retailers and restaurateurs with a local POS provider that is experienced with their type of business. Free POS Quote also connects retailers and restaurateurs with access to specialized POS financing sources.

Restaurant Software List

– Complete listing of restaurant software providers for Credit/Gift Cards, Digital Menu/Signage, Employee Scheduling, Leasing/Financing, Liquor Monitoring/Control, Loyalty/Rewards, Online Ordering/Delivery, Payroll Service/Accounting, POS Hardware, POS Software, Reservations/Wait Lists and Social Reviews to Compare, Contact and Comment on Solution Providers.

POS and Credit Card Provider Directories

– Merchants connect with local POS and Credit Card providers. The directories include background information, experience details and references for local POS professionals and local Credit Card experts.


POS-Advice Newsletter

– Weekly recap of restaurant news, marketing ideas, industry articles and updates concerning mobile POS and credit card processing. Daily news is also available, visit this page for the latest industry updates.

POS Forum

– POS hardware and software support website for both the retail POS and the restaurant POS industries. The POS Forum provides users with POS software and hardware answers and help with POS system support. POS Forum is a free meeting place for POS users to network with other users and industry professionals to solve issues and learn from others. This free support site has been assisting Micros and Aloha restaurant POS users and retail POS users for over seven years.


– POS hardware and software website for both retail and restaurant POS buyers. Shop4POS provides users with access to recommended POS software and hardware solutions from established providers and Amazon. The Shop4POS website is updated daily with POS special offers and opportunities for buyers.