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Restaurant POS systems include many features, options and interfaces to automate restaurant operations, increase staff productivity and provide additional control with much better customer interaction.

We’ll review available features, options and interfaces that should be consider for your restaurant.  Many of these can be added to existing restaurant POS systems and all should be considered when upgrading your existing system or purchasing a new restaurant POS system.  We will also discuss how restaurateurs are improving internal controls with updated software and hardware, yes employees do steal!  You can not completely stop employee theft but it is your responsibility to eliminate the opportunity for employee theft.  Don’t give your staff the opportunity to become dishonest!

The Restaurant POS features and options list can include hardware and software. we’ll talk about these and popular third party interfaces.

Credit card processing is of course the most utilized restaurant POS interface.  Mobile payment options are becoming very popular and allow your guest to pay via their smartphone instead of using a credit card.  There are many new providers in this area and established providers include LevelUP, PayPalMobile, Square Wallet and Tabbedout to name a few.

Customer order verification has progressed from the 20-character-two line pole display to digital LCD order confirmation screens on the back of POS terminals and in the drive-thru.  These order confirmation screens reduce order entry orders, increase up-sells and can entertain your guest.

Restaurant POS systems can also interface with digital menu boards, kitchen video monitors and surveillance systems.  For more information regarding digital displays take a look at this blog and for more information regarding kitchen video monitors for table service restaurants see this blog.

Other popular hardware interfaces include finger print ID readers to eliminate employee buddy punching and control manager access to the POS system, coin dispensers to speed up the change process and caller ID devices to automatically input the phone number for phone orders.  And, what about online ordering from a PC or smartphone to eliminate phone orders while reducing order entry payroll costs and order entry errors?

Online table reservations, electronic wait lists and table management systems are important options.  These can be third party interfaces such as OpenTable or a built-in option of the restaurant POS system.  Yelp and Urbanspoon are getting into reservations and call ahead seating and are another option to be considered.

Back of the house food preparation forecasting and a food and beverage inventory management system are important options for controlling inventory and costs.  Don’t forget about controlling your liquid assets at the bar with a liquor control interface.

For a complete listing of restaurant POS features and options and additional information regarding restaurant POS systems and their important role, download our free white paper “POS and a Whole Lot More” and take a look at our detailed list of Restaurant POS Features and Options.

The selection of a restaurant POS system is a critical decision that you will live with for many years, take your time and take advantage of our free resources so you can make an informed decision.  The restaurant POS system pays for itself, use our Return on Investment calculator to determine your payback time line based on your operation.  And if you need help along the way we’re available on a one on one basis.


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